A non-compete agreement (or other form of restrictive covenant) can feel like a heavy chain, limiting your professional choices and career opportunities. These contracts can impact your life even after you’ve moved on to new endeavors. One factor in protecting yourself involves understanding your employment contracts. This is especially true for the terms used in your non-compete agreements. You should secure one of our expert employment lawyers to ensure your rights are protected.

Georgia Wage Lawyers, are your trusted partners in this journey. Our employment lawyers in Atlanta specialize in reviewing and interpreting employment contracts. Thus, giving you the advantage you need to navigate your professional life with confidence. Whether you’re about to sign a new contract, considering how to navigate new opportunities, or simply want to understand your rights better, we are here to provide the guidance you need in Atlanta and beyond.

Challenging Non-Compete Agreements

Employees who are sued for alleged violations of non-compete agreements often find themselves in scary positions. They may be concerned about their ability to work, their financial stability, and the legal battle. However, it’s essential to understand that, as an employee, you have legal rights. Equally as important is that you have options to challenge these agreements.

Evaluating the Agreement

One of the first steps in defending against a non-compete is to carefully review the terms of the agreement. Several years ago, Georgia completely changed its non-compete law. As such, the area can be confusing. Georgia Wage Lawyers can help you assess the agreement’s enforceability. There may be aspects of the agreement that are overly broad, unreasonable, or against public policy, which could make the agreement unenforceable.

Proving Unfairness or Lack of Consideration

To be valid, a non-compete agreement must typically include adequate consideration, which means that the employer-provided something of value in exchange for the employee’s agreement not to compete. However, in Georgia, unlike other states, continued employment can be an adequate consideration.

Uncovering Unlawful Behavior

If the employer engaged in unlawful behavior, such as discrimination, harassment, or illegal activity, it could impact the enforceability of the non-compete agreement. An experienced non-compete lawyer can help you investigate and gather evidence to support your case.

Are There Loopholes For Non-Compete Agreements?

Non-compete agreements, while intended to protect employers, can sometimes have exceptions. In the state of Georgia, understanding these limitations is crucial to ensure your career and professional options remain open. Here are some areas where non-compete agreements may be challenged:


  • Overly Broad Restrictions: If the non-compete clauses are excessively broad, they may not be enforceable. Courts often require these agreements to be reasonable in scope, both geographically and in terms of time. Georgia law has different presumptions that guide whether a restriction is reasonable.


  • Public Policy Violation: Non-competes that violate public policy, such as preventing an employee from practicing their trade entirely, may be subject to legal challenges.


  • Inadequate Protection of Employer’s Legitimate Business Interests: Finally, Georgia law requires non-competes to protect the legitimate business interests of the employer. If this element is missing, the agreement might be deemed unenforceable.


Employment Lawyers

Navigating these potential non-compete agreement loopholes can be intricate, which is why it’s crucial to have legal experts like Georgia Wage Lawyers on your side. We understand Georgia’s specific laws and precedents, ensuring that your rights are protected and your professional opportunities remain unburdened.

How Georgia Wage Lawyers Can Assist You

Optimally, we can assist you in negotiating the legal non-restrictions. Appropriate negotiation frequently helps us avoid certain issues altogether. But certainly, if you have been threatened or sued over a non-compete agreement, it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation on your side. Georgia Wage Lawyers are well-versed in non-compete litigation and negotiations. We can provide you with valuable support throughout the legal process.

Case Assessment

Our legal team will carefully assess the terms of the non-compete agreement, the circumstances surrounding your employment, and the reasons for your departure. Also, we’ll determine whether there are legal grounds to challenge the agreement.

Legal Strategy

Additionally, as your employment lawyers, we will work with you to develop a legal strategy tailored to your specific case. Whether it’s negotiating with your former employer, defending you in court, or seeking a declaratory judgment, our team will pursue the most suitable course of action to protect your rights.

Negotiation and Litigation

Lastly, we negotiate aggressively with your former employer and their legal representatives to reach an amicable resolution whenever possible. If negotiations fail, our experienced litigators stand ready to take legal action to uphold your rights and ensure justice is served.

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