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We provide thorough and efficient advocacy in disputes over allegedly unpaid wages.

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Claims of underpayment for services rendered can arise from multiple causes in the workplace. At DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick, & Benjamin, LLC, we represent employers and employees throughout Georgia in labor and employment matters. Whether seeking earned wages a company has failed to pay or defending against unfounded wage claims, we work diligently to protect our clients’ rights and obtain a just and efficient outcome.

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Ways in which an employer may short a paycheck

There are numerous ways in which an employer can fail to fully compensate an employee. These include:

  • Paying less than the minimum wage or not paying the required overtime premium
  • Undercounting the number of hours worked, such as by not accounting for work performed “off the clock” or during unpaid meal or rest breaks
  • Misclassifying a person as an independent contractor
  • Failing to pay an employee for time spent attending required training courses
  • Failing to pay an employee for travel that is part of the job, beyond the normal commute to and from work
  • Withholding commissions, tips, bonuses, and other pay that an employee earned beyond basic wages
  • Failing to pay for vacation and sick days that the company agreed on

Our experienced labor and employment law attorneys are ready to resolve unpaid wage disputes on behalf of employers or employees. We fully analyze the situation and determine whether there are wages due. As plaintiffs’ lawyers, we take the legal steps necessary to secure payment. As defense lawyers, we raise all legal protections against unfounded claims.

What to do when a payment disparity is suspected

A perceived lapse in wage payments may be due to a clerical error or another form of innocent mistake. There also might be a justifiable reason why the employer has not paid. Many disputes can be resolved by a discussion between the employee and the company’s human resources department.

Employees who feel the company has not offered a reasonable explanation for the pay shortfall should seek the advice of an experienced wage and hour law attorney. The disparity may be correctable without resorting to litigation. However, if an employer acted in bad faith, the employee may be entitled not only to back pay but also to an amount equal to the amount withheld, essentially doubling the amount that can be recovered. The employee may also sue for attorneys’ fees and court costs. Depending on circumstances, such claims must be made within two or three years after the work is performed.

Unpaid Wages

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