In Atlanta, tipped employees play a significant role in the service industry. Restaurants, bars, and other businesses rely on the hard work of waitstaff, bartenders, and servers to provide excellent service to customers. However, the unique wage structure for tipped employees can sometimes lead to questions about compensation and adherence to wage and hour laws. At Georgia Wage Lawyers, we understand that navigating these issues can be challenging. This page is dedicated to shedding light on the complexities of minimum wage for tipped employees and the wage and hour laws that govern them. We’ll explore what tips employees should know to ensure they receive fair compensation while also understanding their rights under the law.

What Is Georgia’s Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees?

Atlanta and surrounding areas generally follow federal minimum wage standards for tipped employees, which are lower than the standard minimum wage for non-tipped employees. As of our latest update, the federal minimum wage for tipped employees was $2.13 per hour. It’s essential to stay informed about the most current rates to ensure you receive fair compensation. Affected job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Restaurant Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Hotel Staff
  • Taxi and Rideshare Drivers
  • Golf Course Caddies
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Valet Attendants

In addition, tipped employees often rely on customer gratuities to boost their income. Tips are considered part of the total compensation and can be used to reach or exceed the minimum wage requirement.

Wage Violations Against Tipped Workers

Common wage violations for tipped employees are unfortunately more prevalent than you might think. At Georgia Wage Lawyers, we see various violations that affect the livelihoods of workers. These violations include:

  • Minimum Wage Shortfalls: Some employers fail to ensure tipped workers receive the applicable minimum wage when tips fall short. In such cases, the employer must make up the difference, but this doesn’t always happen.


  • Improper Tip Pooling: Mismanagement of tip pools is a significant issue. Employers sometimes include non-tipped employees in the pool, taking away from the share that should be rightfully earned by the tipped staff.


Other FLSA Violations

Tipped employees often experience other FLSA violations. For instance,

  • Unpaid Breaks: Employers may fail to provide mandated rest and meal breaks for tipped employees, causing them to work without the necessary breaks they deserve.


  • Off-the-Clock Work: Also, some employers ask tipped workers to perform job-related tasks off the clock. Essentially, working for free.


  • Tip Skimming: In some instances, employers unlawfully take a portion of tips that should go entirely to the employees.


  • Assignments to Work that Doesn’t Generate Tips: These standards have evolved over the last several years but, generally, assignments that don’t generate tips (such as cleaning, rolling silverware setups, greeting) must be performed in preparation for, or to otherwise assist in the provision of tip producing customer service work and no more than 20% of the tipped employees total hours in a week, or 30 continuous minutes in a single period, are spent on non-tipped work.


These violations can have a significant financial impact on tipped workers. If you suspect any of these violations, it’s essential to seek legal advice and take action. We’re here to help you fight against these common wage violations and secure the fair compensation you deserve. Contact us to protect your rights and seek justice.

Why You Need a Wage and Hour Lawyer

Hiring a skilled wage and hour lawyer can make a significant difference in protecting your rights. If you suspect your rights as a tipped worker making minimum wage have been violated, act now. Here are some benefits of consulting a professional for your wage disputes:

Expert Legal Knowledge:

Firstly, consulting one of our lawyers provides you with access to expert legal knowledge and experience specific to wage and hour laws. We are well-versed in the intricacies of minimum wage regulations and tip credit provisions.

Maximizing Compensation:

Our team will help you calculate the correct amount of compensation you are owed. Additionally, we’ll assist in pursuing unpaid wages, tips, or overtime. Our expertise ensures you receive the maximum amount you rightfully deserve.

Legal Negotiation and Litigation:

Additionally, should disputes with your employer escalate, we can engage in legal negotiations or take your case to court. We use our skills to represent your interests effectively in these situations.

Protection Against Retaliation:

Asserting your rights as a tipped worker can sometimes lead to employer retaliation. Hiring a lawyer provides a layer of protection against such actions and ensures you are not unjustly punished for asserting your rights.

Understanding Complex Laws:

Finally, the laws surrounding wage and hour issues can be complex. A skilled attorney will guide you through these intricacies, ensuring that your employer complies with all relevant regulations.

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