Wage and hour disputes, especially within the context of the film and television industry, are common. The recent writer strike in the television production industry has brought attention to the challenges faced by such professionals. The strike emphasizes the need for fair compensation in the TV production field. For instance, wrongfully classified independent contractors working on movie and TV sets are frequently at risk of wage-related issues. It’s crucial to understand the complex employment dynamics in this field to protect your rights. Knowing when to seek legal assistance can make all the difference in protecting your hard-earned wages. At Georgia Wage Lawyers, we ‌ understand the unique challenges that independent contractors face in this industry. Knowing when to seek legal assistance can make all the difference in protecting your hard-earned wages.

Our independent contractor lawyers are committed to assisting those in the industry. We’re here to offer support and expert legal guidance, ensuring that your rights‌ are protected. Whether you’re dealing with overtime disputes, misclassification concerns, or other employment-related issues.

Overtime Disputes 

Often, production workers are classified as independent contractors rather than employees. This means they are not paid the overtime they deserve. Addressing overtime disputes on TV and movie sets in Atlanta demands experienced legal counsel well-versed in both federal and local wage and hour laws. Georgia Wage Lawyers have a deep understanding of the complexities involved and can help individuals in the entertainment industry secure the overtime pay they deserve.


  • Inconsistent Work Schedules: Overtime disputes are prevalent in the TV and movie industry due to irregular work schedules. Crew members often work long hours with varying wrap times. Therefore making it challenging to track and claim the overtime they are entitled to.


  • Complex Job Roles: In addition, the different roles and responsibilities of working on these sets can complicate overtime calculations. Many professionals wear multiple hats. Anyone from actors and directors to lighting and sound technicians can be affected. Thus, further blurring the lines of proper classification and eligibility for overtime pay.


  • Poor Record-Keeping: In a fast-paced environment, meticulous record-keeping often takes a backseat. This lack of accurate timekeeping can lead to disputes about the number of hours worked, making it essential for workers to have the support of skilled attorneys to ensure they receive fair compensation.

Independent Contractor Issues 

Many industries, including TV  production, deal with independent contractor classification issues. As set out above, we see where people who should be classified as employees are misclassified as independent contractors. Sometimes, however, a person’s independent contractor classification is proper. Even if proper, there are still many legal issues that must be addressed as part of this contractual relationship. 


  • Complicated Contractual Agreements: The intricacies of the film and television industry often lead to complex contractual agreements between professionals and production companies. These contracts may sometimes blur the lines between employees and independent contractors, creating disputes over proper classification.


  • Uncertain Work Hours: The entertainment industry is notorious for its unpredictable work hours, which can make it challenging for independent contractors to track their time accurately and claim overtime pay when deserved.


  • Overlapping Roles: In the fast-paced world of movie and TV production, it’s not uncommon for independent contractors to perform multiple roles, further complicating their employment status


Independent Contractor Lawyers

In the midst of these complexities, independent contractors on TV and movie sets in Atlanta should be aware of their rights and have skilled legal support on hand to navigate potential disputes. Georgia Wage Lawyers are well-versed in the nuances of the local entertainment industry, and they can provide the legal expertise needed to protect the rights of independent contractors.

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At Georgia Wage Lawyers, we understand the unique issues faced by those working in the movie and TV production industry. Our experienced wage and hour lawyers and independent contractor lawyers are well-versed in the FLSA and the specific challenges within the entertainment sector. Our experienced attorneys will conduct thorough investigations and negotiate on your behalf. Additionally, if necessary, we’ll litigate to ensure you receive fair compensation. 

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